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We provide practical instruction in established and cutting-edge technology, as well as production roles and procedures.
We can assist you in advancing in a dynamic industrial environment.


Real-world, field-applicable knowledge. We give impartial, practical views on how tools are utilised in production. We understand production and transmit real-world information in a simple, easy-to-digest way.

If you're passionate about what you're doing, nothing can stop you. "in a Birdman-like fashion. Take the leap and learn to fly."


It teaches the use of gear, a craft, business skills, and the art of storytelling. Completion of more than one course at a time enhances learning. Strategies for training increase availability.

These workshops for camera systems are comprehensive, covering both new and established ideas.


Workshops focusing on the fundamentals of digital filmmaking often include discussions of the many responsibilities of the camera crew. Keeping up with DIT and digital imaging technology is essential.

Establishing the shot. Kits. Frame rate, aspect ratio, monitoring, and compression formats. These standards are adhered to when making cameras. Components of the system were fabricated for testing. Verify the conditions of the recording.

frame rate, aspect ratio, etc.
Power sources, adapters, and camera accessories
The primes and zoom are put to the test, along with the interface and the support.
Cinematic images call extensive planning and specialised gear.
Lighting conditions, target location, and available shooting time. On-location, using a variety of models, camera settings, and crews, we`ll put these hypotheses to the test. Compare and contrast "low light" with sunlight.

Revolutionary new approaches to teaching are made possible by technological and methodological advances. In-person and virtual options are both available. Sessions are open and encourage audience participation.

Lessons for newcomers and seasoned pros alike. Acquire new knowledge or follow a specialised study plan.

Our motion courses instruct students in the secure operation of picture rigs, gimbals, underwater cameras, and aerial cameras for innovative camera moves.

Analyse how humans are viewed by cameras, what tools are available, and how humans interact with demonstrations of their work. Master a standardised gesture language for dramatic films.


The science of colour and the art of colour management are both topics covered in our post and colour classes. The ACES and HDR grading systems are taught by staff and affiliated teachers.

Commonly used for adjusting colours and polishing up work . You can utilise it to your advantage at first. Converting formats with look-up tables and transcoding.

Documentation of how often raw footage is delivered. one-light LUT video. The Process of Transcoding and Matching


Transcoding, format conversion, camera matching, 1D and 3D LUTs, and more.


gray-scale versus.

Including Special Effects

Export of Hardware

Collection/archive of VideoLUTs


Anamorphosis Artistic, and it demonstrates the transformative power of colour. the experience of being in a movie. Do as "Looks." directs in terms of removing words.

Inconsistency. Follow. Contend with and criticise.

LUT-creatively. Presets. Curve/keying.

Power Window Inspiration Protected.

The optimal seminar size is three people.


Quickly schedule, price, and personalise your training needs. Discuss.

Nalla`s DocLab

We provide lessons in five essential filmmaking disciplines : equipment, craft, and business. Each session stands alone, however completing numerous courses in a sequence deepens knowledge. We are often the sole approved workshop training partner. Classes are offered in many forms to maximize access.

These workshops include key ideas and the latest innovation to teach you about comprehensive camera systems.

Our digital filmmaking fundamentals workshops include camera crew roles, duties, and processes. Gain essential information to keep current at any level, whether it is digital image basics and DIT

The lesson will focus on professional camera prep. Learn to construct camera packages for production. Aspect ratio, frame rates, monitoring, and codecs will be addressed. Once these parameters are met, you will create a camera from scratch. Each system portion will be tested once created. Both internal and exterior recording situations will be examined.

Nalla`s DocLab trains. Newcomers to factual and natural history documentaries learn how to create stock video with high-end equipment, shot form narration, editing, and colour correction for broadcasters worldwide in the core DocLab programme.

Who should apply

Nalla`s DocLab invites everyone who is interested in natural history / wildlife documentation / stock footage content for short-form content and feature docs. We`re seeking for applicants who can bring new perspectives to the business.

worldwide Nalla`s DocLab offers assistance to anyone who is interested in producing content regarding wildlife and natural history. These applicants are also urged to submit an application. Candidates can explain how they meet these specifications.

subscribe and register with us beforehand. Start by saving your resume as a PDF containing your full name.

Applicants who have been shortlisted will be contacted within 15 days of application. If you have not heard from us by then, your application was unsuccessful. We apologise for not providing feedback to rejected candidates.

Send an e-mail to for questions, application support, and accessibility issues.